Matt on Nightbird Radio

I was recently this week’s special guest on a great podcast called Nightbird Radio with Timothy Sailor. We talk about meditation, magic in real life, consensus reality, mandela effect, and so much more. I even tell a couple of spooky stories from my own life. Check it out here: Nightbird Radio.

The Duad Abides

I did this one for an article my wife wrote about Duads (or Twelfth-Parts)—sub-rulers of each house. I wanted to pick an absurd combination for the comic and Virgo/Sag seemed it. Later we discovered that is EXACTLY the case with my rising sign, lol!

Air worldwide release is today!

It has been 11 years since the last album was released. So much has happened; so many things have changed. I am so pleased to finally send this album out into the world. It was a wild ride working with Air and tarot on this one. Fire is hot on its heels, but—as an element I have always had a kinship with—it did not throw my life into chaos like working with Air. Though, I am suddenly realizing that EVERYONE’S lives were thrown into chaos while I was writing and recording Fire. I am looking forward to getting deeper into the writing process for Spirit. It has already proven to be exactly the elemental shift I need right now.

Check out Air on whatever site you get your media from! Yes… even SPOTIFY… even though they pay only pennies after hundreds of streams… I know you’re all using it! Lol.

Second single ‘The Devil’ lands today!

The second single drops today! Check out ‘The Devil’ here:

If you pre-ordered/saved, then this little ditty should have downloaded into your music player already this morning! Still two more releases before the official album drop; pre-order to get early access.

Check out @elrocanrosaurio show on August 23rd 5pm GMT where this track will be featured alongside some other great indie alt rock!…/highlights/18288616711055096

Air gets a release date!

Available August 30, 2022. Pre-order starts August 19!

I am incredibly grateful—and relieved—to finally announce a release date for the third album from my solo project Collective Unconscious. Continuing my artistic journey with the elements, Air is a collection of the best songs I wrote between 2011 and 2019. I wrote the final couple songs after the birth of my daughter and started pre-production in June 2019. We started recording in January 2020, with the intention of a fall 2020 release. THEN THIS LITTLE THING HAPPENED WHICH MADE IN-PERSON SESSION WORK REALLY DIFFICULT—you may have heard of about it, idk.

So, there are a lot of mixed feelings with this album’s release. I sometimes fear people will connect these songs with the pandemia, even though they were all written—and some recorded—beforehand. (Fire is my covid album and is almost in post-production, but more on that later, lol). Perhaps that was always the purpose of this material; the pandemic had to happen before this album could. Who knows?

I didn’t realize the life-long artistic journey I was starting when we first put out Water in 2009. Heck, on that first album, I wasn’t aware of how deeply I was working with the elements at all. I just had watery themed tunes and a deep drive to have the album flow like the river that inspired the title track. When I was working on Earth, it became more apparent what was happening and I not only worked with the element for lyrics and chords, but also arrangement and production. That album was produced in some tiny cabins out in the country, with bare bones instrumentation and post-production. Both Water and Earth wanted to come into being swiftly. They had things they wanted to say and they wanted those things said quickly. Air was NOTHING like working with the other two elements. Air was constantly changing, incredibly difficult to pin down and—in a very Saturnian fashion—wanted me and my life to go through complete metamorphosis before it would allow itself to settle into form. I HAD TO CHANGE in order to be allowed to work with the element. In my research, I also found a strong connection between the element Air and divination which led to the Tarot theme throughout. In line with the mutable nature of the element, I rewrote the album multiple times from scratch. Many lyrics and whole songs were completely scrapped or disassembled and collaged back together. In the end, I wrote about 30 songs which continued to refine until it became this 10 song album that I am incredibly proud of. In keeping with the genre differences that each element wanted, Air is a tribute to the music of my coming of age. So, lots of 90’s alt rock, grunge and Canadiana vibes.

This album features gobsmacking performances by some of the best musicians I know, including: Ryan Foster (Knibb High School Football Rules, The Equation) on guitar, Dennis Boisvert (Cadillac Junkies, AUDio SQUADron, Moksha) on drums, and Stephanie Urquhart (Stephanie Urquhart Quartet, Experience Points) on piano. It also features some lyrics from former collaborators Julien Constantin and Derek Gannon. Oh, and I am on it too of course!

It never could have happened without the divine intervention and honest opinions of such wonderful human beings as: Reinette Schabert, Aaron Macri, Diedre Brattland, Mel Priestley, Julia Shaw, Jessica Brandsma, Joanna Boisvert and my parents. I am humbled to have had so many willing and helpful hands get me to where I needed to be.

Air releases on all digital purchasing sites August 30th, 2022. Pre-orders start on August 19th, 2022 and receive all the singles before the album officially lands at the end of the month!

Have a listen to the first single ‘Magicians & Sorcerers‘ here.


Originally appeared in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ October-December 2021 issue.

Originally appeared in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ October-December 2021 issue.

Originally appeared in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ October-December 2021 issue.

Spirals of Influence

I returned home on Friday after a six hour drive across Alberta to my beautiful wife and baby daughter. Being away for the few nights I was felt like an eternity and it was an immense relief to be in the same room as them again. I spent the last two week giving lectures to some of the Alberta teacher’s conventions. I gave five lectures in total this year, speaking at: NETCA, CCTC, SWATCA and SEATCA which took me from Edmonton to Calgary to Lethbridge to Medicine Hat. In total, I spoke to about 200 teachers about Heart based meditation and its application in a classroom setting. I felt that it was my most successful tour yet, but even still one finds themselves coming home and wondering if it was worth it. How many of them did I actually reach? Will they continue to practice? Will it actually make it to their classrooms? Having attended many of these types of conferences myself, I know that there is a big difference between the excitement you have during the session and the actual application of the methods in your classroom. It was especially difficult in my first year of lecturing where I had some grumpy teachers with arms-crossed in both of my lectures. Unfortunately my attitude at the time led me to focus on them and completely forget about the 150 other teachers who attended that were taking notes and asking questions.

Fortunately, I have developed a different attitude now that enables me to leave each session with a feeling of satisfaction. Whether it is a lecture hall of 100 or a classroom of 8, I focus on one person. It is not any specific person really, it is more the idea of that person. I believe that in each lecture there is at least one person in the room whose life will be changed by learning the heart based meditation method as mine once was many years ago. Chances are it is a higher number as the teachers get to pick their own sessions so something drew them to the room in the first place, but I just focus on one. Apparently that is all I needed to feel confident and satisfied with the lectures. I think the reason for this is something I realized years ago while working with children. I was in the schoolyard as the busy scatterings of children flocked to take their busses home. I overheard one of the children from our daycare teaching a child from the school something that I always said to them. Of course my heart beamed with pride that one of my mantras had not only been learned but subsequently applied and taught to another but then a profound thought occurred to me that has changed me forever. We often talk about our Sphere of Influence, the tangible circle of people and institutions in which we can affect but it suddenly struck me that this is not really an accurate description, particularly if you are someone who works with children in any capacity. What we really have are Spirals of Influence and from each individual or institution we teach another spiral forms as they continue the teaching and from their student another and on and on. What we then have is a vast network of overlapping, ever-growing spirals. Change made on any scale spirals out.

So now when I return home from a lecture, exhausted from the driving, tired from speaking and ecstatic to be home and I am confronted by that little doubt monster that lives in all our heads asking ‘was that really worth it?’, the answer is always yes. Even having an impact on a single person is enough because I know that they will teach someone else and the spirals will grow.

Wax Fireflies Exhibit

From October 22nd, 2018 to November 7th, 2018 Enterprise Square Galleries (10230 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB) will be showing my 17 piece series entitled Wax Fireflies. Wax Fireflies is a series of encaustic, mixed media paintings based on local performing troupe Firefly Circus and Theatre.

Opening reception is October 26th, 2018 from 6pm-8pm and will feature juggling, acrobatics and refreshments. Please come down, view the art and maybe even chat with me for a bit!

Wax Fireflies Posters

Game Release: Flick!

The first release from Spark of Madness is Flick: a table-top, all-ages party game.  This fast-paced game is easy to learn and wildly addictive. 2 players. 10 to 20 minutes. Now available online.



Now available online. 20170530_223317

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Flick art by: Old Man Design

Many thanks to the years of play testers: Scott Walters, Julien Constantin, Jon Paterson, Aaron Macri, Zach Long, Mel Priestley, Suzi Radtke, Des Parenteau, the kids of Grandma Gooch and Max Taylor who was there for its conception.

Boflather Productions

Many years ago I did a lot of videography under the name Boflather productions. From music videos to activism to nonsensical cartoons… I give to you my youtube dirt!

Music Videos:


Live Videos:

Recycyling skit:




Evolution Solution:


Working title: Planets

Enter a solar system where you are an entire planet struggling to keep your races, technology —and even yourself —balanced.  Thrive? Perish? Expand to the moon? The solar system is at your fingertips… if you can keep it together long enough to get there.  20160522_203728

Play testing version 2.0 this summer! Enjoy this promotional video for version 1.0 from last year’s Canadian Board Game Design competition.

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Little Galaxies @ Telus World of Science

After many months I finally finished my series of Galaxies and Nebulae based on hubble deep space photographs.  The paintings are on birch wood and have layers of resin poured in between the layers of acrylic paint producing a rich 3-dimensional effect.   A selection from this series can be viewed at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton, AB for the next few months in the lobby of the Margaret Zeidler star theatre.  Many of the pieces are still available for purchase and are a wonderful gift for the stargazer on your list. 

To inquire about purchasing a piece, simply email here.