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Matt displays an extraordinary intuition during his energy sessions that showcases his true mastery of his craft. His ability to connect and facilitate that deep meditative state while performing reiki allows for a deeply relaxing session. His work with Biofield tuning is truly unique and takes an energy session to a whole new level. The final grounding with the Schumann resonance is always my favorite part. I would wholeheartedly recommend Matt’s Biofield and Reiki fusion for anyone seeking a unique and insightful energy healing session. 


My distance bio-field tuning session with Matt far exceeded what I thought might be possible in a
session, let alone a remote one. Granted, I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was my first time doing this. Suffice to say, it felt like he was in the room with me. I was blown away by this. The session went by quicker than I thought, and I felt that I was participating fully (because I was!) rather than being a passive subject of this process. The experience was pleasant, soothing, and powerful all at once. Matt’s explanation of what he did and what he was able to find in my field was clear, professional, and precise. This part of the process was very validating and medicinal. His findings were incredibly accurate in their detail of the nature, timing, and circumstance of traumas that were still living rent free in my field. Like I said, this was very validating, and helped empower me to hold space for these things so that I could freely let them go. After the session, I’ve felt light and free, and have even been able to let go of various other hang ups that we didn’t even discuss in the session. It’s like I’ve been given additional tools and capacities, since that energy is no longer bound up where it had been. So this has been a fantastic complement to my existing practice. For all these reasons, I can highly recommend Matt Boisvert. Not only is he conscientious, caring, and professional, but his services are also incredibly effective. I have full confidence and trust in Matt, and will return to him the next time I feel I need this work. He provides a great value, and he is the real deal!

Tim S.