No Agenda # 1624 – First win of 2024!

My favourite podcast out there is No Agenda. As far as mainstream media analysis goes, these guys are the best I have ever heard. They promote Value for Value: meaning instead of ad revenue, listeners support the show 100% by providing time, talent or treasure. I often provide artwork for them while listening live; it is a fantastic art exercise! Here is the art I did for episode #1624. This was my first time competing in about a month. I had a busy December 2023 with all the extra Christmas singing, events and being a dad. My piece ‘Podcasts Repent’ was the official selection for this episode!

This piece was the official selection for this episode. They also announced that the last year’s #1 chosen artist was receiving a “Masters of Fine Art” degree from No Agenda. I WANT ONE (I’m coming for you Dame Kenny Ben)! This selection put me at 3rd for the rolling 6 months and 7th for the year. It is truly an honour to have my name up with these other amazing artists!

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