No Agenda Episode #1604 – Another Win!

My favourite podcast out there is No Agenda. As far as mainstream media analysis goes, these guys are the best I have ever heard. They promote Value for Value: meaning instead of ad revenue, listeners support the show 100% by providing time, talent or treasure. I often provide artwork for them while listening live; it is a fantastic art exercise! Here is the art I did for episode #1604. My piece “Routes” was the official selection for the episode!

This piece was the official selection for episode #1604!

John commented on the ridiculousness of this piece and I laughed my butt off. They had covered a news piece about the dangers of altered media (citing a photo of cocaine on Zelensky’s desk as example) and I wanted to make a piece of altered media that was so absurd it would be impossible to think of it as real. Hence the little polar bear on the pile of cocaine and clearly photoshopped edges.

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