No Agenda Episode # 1605

My favourite podcast out there is No Agenda. As far as mainstream media analysis goes, these guys are the best I have ever heard. They promote Value for Value: meaning instead of ad revenue, listeners support the show 100% by providing time, talent or treasure. I often provide artwork for them while listening live; it is a fantastic art exercise! Here is the art I did for episode #1605.

Yes, this episode was on November 5th.

This was a paper weaving I made. I made two nearly identical pieces—one on black paper, one on white—of all the lettering, then ripped them up and wove them together. Afterwards, I added the chess pieces and manipulated the font in post to make it pop more. Lots of work!

Every time I hear the term ‘Rules of War,’ all I hear is warmongers shouting “WAR RULES!”

I committed one of the greatest NA artist sins here—I tried to predict what they would talk about. I started this piece as the fat lady was singing assuming they would discuss the ‘What’s App’ scandal. They did not. LOL.

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