Figures in Wax: The Varscona Exhibition

The Varscona Exhibition was my first solo show.  It ran from February 20th until March 1st, 2014 in the lobby of the Varscona theatre.  This series of encaustic (wax) paintings featured 10 pieces, two of which sold during the two week run.  The rest of the series is still available for purchase.
To inquire about purchasing a piece, simply email here.
Special thanks to the Varscona Theatre for hosting this exhibition.
Varscona Theatre

2 thoughts on “Figures in Wax: The Varscona Exhibition

  1. Deb Haug says:

    Matt, the caustic paintings are beautiful. I love the beautiful pattern panels and the bold colours. My favourite is Exhale. Love the website, I’ll keep in touch I only have time for 1 show today!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Deb!
      (Though just to clarify, if you say caustic, instead of encaustic, the meaning is very different, haha… I swear my paintings aren’t poison) 🙂

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